What is copy writting?

What exactly is copywriting?

Well copywriting has been around since the beginning of language. It is a skills that can be mastered with time. So… in short copy writing is one of the most valuable assets for effective marketing especially online marketing, where people sell products or services.

Some copywriters can be paid very high amount of money and can be a lucrative business. The art of copywriting can be learned with time. The sole purpose of copywriting is to sell, sell, sell. You need to engage your audience with your text and make them feel emotionally challenged.

How to become a copy writer?

Well first of all, you need to learn basic English and you should love to write. Its all about creating a good story that can sell. You can start anywhere, start writing for journals, articles or blog on the internet. After a while people will notice your skills and might give you some interesting jobs… who know?